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Have Mens Suit for Every Occasion

It is going without saying that every <a href="">mens suit</a> you purchase should fit you nicely and be of a good quality fabric and construction. So with regards to purchasing mens suits for the occasion you’re only truly left with colour and styling - it’s simple really!

Throughout every man’s life he requirements to buy his 1st mens suit. It’s usually not of great quality, but the cost was inexpensive and it was most likely rather stylish for the time. However as every of us progresses through life there are lots of occasions that need us to obtain suited up. Whether or not it's the workplace, the races, a friend’s wedding or your even own wedding, getting suited up ought to be an enjoyable expertise - a chance to look your very best.

Right here are a couple of scenarios to help you on your way.

Just beginning off

So you’ve just completed college or university and have to nail those interviews. In addition, you have to begin building your wardrobe having a business or two. The safest and most versatile colours are charcoals, dark greys, dark navy blues and black. You fairly much cannot go wrong if you purchase mens suits in these colours as they suit males of all shapes, sizes and complexions. In the event you like pinstripes, go for it; just don’t go for stripes with too bold contrast.

If you are new to suits, you’d also be advised to err on the conservative side with regards to styling. For instance you could opt for standard 3” width lapels, without embellishments like hand craft stitching or fancy linings. Keep in mind, the most important thing is that the suit fits you well - you will look and really feel a great deal more confident.

As for fabric, opt for something in the Super 100s to 110s range, and in the event you can afford it buy pure wool.

The rising star

You’ve confirmed your mettle in the workplace, now is your chance to obtain noticed and make a bit more of a statement, especially during important meetings and when closing the deal. Opt for wearing lighter colours into the office on sunnier days like lighter charcoals and greys, French navies and browns - but try not to go too light. You can even throw in a few bolder pinstripes if they are for your liking.

Think about the much more opulent peak lapel instead of the regular notch and if you are a thinner guy, opt for a slim fit suit to cut a mean silhouette. Add a patterned or coloured lining or hand craft stitching for additional flair.

Choose a pure wool fabric within the Super 120s to 130s range. These will probably be both durable and luxurious.

The chairman of the board

You have risen through the ranks. It is time to reward yourself with high quality and show others that you are an achievement. Colour choice is entirely up to you (you most likely already own a suit of every colour). What’s most significant now is that your suit is a statement, asserting your dislike for the mediocre and your uncompromising nature in everything you do.

Select a suit style that speaks for your personality. Add an exquisitely patterned or coloured lining or hand craft stitching for additional flair. Choose operating cuffs on your sleeves to show that you’re wearing a<a href="">custom made suit</a>. Opt for an elegantly cut suit that provides a little more room to move whilst nonetheless fitting snugly. Try for a 3 piece suit or perhaps a double breasted suit which has made a huge comeback within the past couple of years.

Just like your outlook to life, select uncompromising pure wool fabrics in the Super 130s to 160s range. These fabrics are luxuriously fine, lightweight and smooth - just such as the way you carry yourself.

Marriage ceremony and unique events

Occasionally on the path to globe domination you’ll get side tracked by events on your social calendar. Occasions like the races, garden wedding parties and daytime social events call for different coloured and styled, more casual suits. These occasions are your opportunity to stand out and get noticed - it’s a vibrant sunny day following all!

The safest bests for these events are lighter charcoals, greys and French navies and in the event you think you can pull it off, browns can also be a great option. If the event is within the evening, it’s generally greatest to choose darker colours.

These events are also your opportunity to go little overboard with styling, therefore why not slim down the lapels and add hand craft stitching or piped edges inside a various colour? Peak lapels are also a good option to add bit panache, as too is really a coloured lining.

As these events aren't as frequent as attending the workplace (nicely for most men anyway), when considering fabric high quality you could look at it two ways. You could see it’s a special occasion and splash out with something in the Super 130s to 150s range, or you could see it as an infrequent occasion and so something within the Super 100s to 110s range is ok. It is completely as much as you.

A linen suit could also be a good option for a beach wedding.

Charity dinners and gala events

For very unique occasions like gala or charity events, black-tie or white-tie dinners you will need to venture away from conventional workplace suit colours into dinner suits and tuxedos. Such occasions however, usually impose strict dress codes and standards so that the suit is made from black or dark navy blue (frequently called midnight blue).

Such suits are generally adorned with the shawl lapel, frequently with sating covering or piping. Pure wool fabrics in the Super 110s to 150s range should suffice for all however the most extravagant balls.

Your own wedding

On your large day you are able to pretty a lot select any color you wish for your wedding suit. Indeed, it is common for wedding suits to be made in sky blue, greens and even reds. As crazy as it seems, on your wedding day, it is all about you and your bride and so why should not you be able to do whatever you like?

However if you should get utility out of your grooms wedding suit, then at least attempt and select a color that’s not overly conservative be steering away from dark charcoals, dark greys and dark navy blues - and be careful choosing blacks as you may look like your catering staff!

An additional consideration is purchasing great high quality wedding suits for your groomsmen. It tends to make an excellent gift in the finish of the day.

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Custom Made Suits - Fabric

When it comes to selecting a fabric for your next men’s suit, there’s almost an infinite amount of information out there to digest, much of which is twisted into a slick pitch by those pushy sales people! If you remember these 5 simple things, you’re guaranteed to get top quality suit at a great price.

1. Colour

2. Composition

3. Weave

4. Pattern

5. Weight

In this article, we look into the importance of fabric Composition.

Picking the Perfect Suit Fabric Composition (wool, cashmere, wool blends & linens)

The composition of your suit’s fabric is all important. In fact, what your suit is made from is probably the most important factor influencing its price. So when it comes to selecting a fabric for your mens suits, make sure you know what you’re paying for.

The best advice is usually to make sure that the outer fabric of your suit is good quality pure wool. Australian and New Zealand merino wools are the best. Using pure wool is important because it is a natural, durable fabric which is also breathable during the hotter spring and summer months.

Pure wool also has heat resistant properties and so won't some back with press marks or that “shiny” look after you take it to the dry cleaners. Good quality pure wools are also crush resistant.

Cashmere wool is often added to merino wools to add softness and breathability. Cashmere is expensive as very little cashmere wool can be harvested per goat each year.

If you want more of a fashion look, then poly-wool blends are generally ok. Wool blends are cheaper and can offer that metallic finish that many younger men want. However, depending on the percentage of non-natural fibres in the blend, the suit may not be too breathable and susceptible to damage during dry cleaning.

Linen custom made suits are lightweight and will keep you very cool in the warmer months. However they are only good for more casual occasions and also crease very easily. Linen is cheaper than pure wool and often about the same price as poly-wool blends.


A lot of the suits on the market today are advertised as “pure wool.” This is far from the truth.

Real 100% pure wool is an expensive commodity which has risen dramatically in price since January 2009. Check out the latest wool prices on the Australian Wool Exchange Spot Quote.The term “pure wool” is a tricky marketing ploy and often what is sold as pure wool contains a high percentage of synthetics.

We encourage you to perform your own burn tests on some of the brand name suits you own. Simply cut a small 1cm squared piece from a discreet area like inside your trouser cuff and try experiment for yourself. Then check the label on your inside jacket pocket to see what the suit’s made from and if you’ve got what you paid for.

A word on worsted wool

You may have heard of suit fabrics being made from worsted wool. But what is worsted wool exactly? Well it has to do with the process undertaken to make the fabric, not the source or quality of the wool itself.

The creation of worsted wool follows a slightly different path than other wool weaving. Rather than going directly into the spinning process, the wool is first combed to remove any short and brittle fibres. This leaves only the longer strands of the wool fibre to undergo the next step, the spinning process.

Spinning only longer strands of the wool fibre produces a smoother yarn that possesses a higher durability. It also increases the strength of the fabric.

Because of these qualities, worsted cloth is more wrinkle resistant than many other fabrics. This makes worsted wool smoother and an ideal choice for garments that need to hold their shape as well as hold a permanent crease.

Because worsted wool is durable, has a natural recovery (resilient to crushing), drapes easily and holds a crease, it is the popular choice for men’s suits and sport jackets.

Indeed, today most good quality business custom made suits,blazers and sports jacket use worsted wool.

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